About me

- Arranger for Sant Andreu jazz band (SAJB)- Collaboration with Taller de Músics in arrangements “la música de Tete Montoliu”- Arrangements for Orquestra Simfònica del Vallés, “Andrea Motis/Joan Chamorro”project- Arranger and compositor for my own big band (BAb. Big Acoustic band)- Arrangements for “Chamorro/Motis” big band- Multiple requests with small format (saxophone quartet, clarinet quartet, recordings…) Improvisation, instrumental ensemble and big band teacher, in ESEM (Escola Sup Taller de Músics).

About “The Music Collection Project”.

Through the last two or three years, in parallel with my educator side, I have been writing music, sometimes only for pleasure or on request, sometimes trying to expand the existing library, from duetos till big band, within what is called modern music and jazz. A useful material both for teachers and students.After realizing that “the collection” was growing considerably with more and more material, I have decided to expose a part of it , which you can find in this web page: alfonscarrascosa.com. There is material left, because a lot of works are not in the appropriate format; as I update them, they will be incorporated to the webpage.It includes big band, small big band, duets, ensembles and rhytm section, reeds/brass ensembles, and a collection of etudes/jazz duets.The “21 etudes/duets” book and “10 jazz duets for..” book, are also available in audio format (play along), with five listening possibilities. The ENSEMBLE material also, for the most part. Friends! Remember to visit Blog last new.You will find periodically new arrangements

Arrangements and Compositions

Friends!…remember that I am open to any suggestion, material requirement, musical arrangement order, either for standard formats or less usual formats. Don´t hesitate to ask me about arrangements based on an original theme or based on a version of a commercial material, also those based in a more specific material.However..wind instruments will predominate in the instrumentation.From duets to large format (big band, band, orchestra…)Cheer up! Teachers, schools, students, amateurs, professionals…..ask for arrangements for your musical formations, whatever level you need!!!!
Alfons Carrascosa's more recent compositions for Big Band, Etudes/Duets, Duets, Ensembles and Wind Ensembles, are available through Ensemble Music Collection as pdf files and audio.Once payment is made through PayPal, files will be e mailed within 48 hours. For more payment options, contact : compositionsac@gmail.com


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