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Ensemble Music Collection

Founded in 2017 by Alfons Carrascosa, it is born with a pedagogical and educational vocation. Its main objectives include the creation, edition, distribution and commercial exploitation of material related with jazz and modern music. With this goal we use different distributions channels in order you can find and purchase our books. The web www.ensemblemusiccollection.com give us the opportunity to show you the whole catalog and there you can a/so get the works, that wi/1 be sent by post or online. Thanks to self-distribution, our col/ection is available on specialised music bookstores al/ over the country.
We enjoy working with different types of formats, from duets or pedagogica/ methodes to big formations like big band, or ensembles of different kind and instrumentation.
Another of our aims is to promete our relationship with Conservatories and Music Schools, teachers ,students, amateurs, etc ….. reaching agreements /eading to the inclusion of our music on the programme of modern music and jazz subjects.

We also would like to make contact with as many music creators as possib/e, like arrangers or composers, that want to publish their works. Our aim is to prevent works from disappearing in the anonymity, in order they can remain in the legacy of knowledge af your country.
I wou/d a/so like to say that we put at your disposal a team of arrangers to receive any commissioned work related with the kind of music of our webpage.
We hope to gradua/ly extend our catalog, accommodating works of various authors. See you soon! compositionsac@gmail.com

Our Team

Ensemble Music Collection includes more arrangers and more content on its website!
With the firm intention of inviting the excellent arrangers in the country to join the website, Iñaki Askunze, Àlex Cassanyes and Pep Tarradas have joined. Of course, we continue to count on the contribution of Sergi Vergés and Joan Monné with their arrangements within the projects of Joan Chamorro and with my pedagogical, ensemble and big band material.
Askunze has a very extensive work of which we have included a small part, hoping soon to increase its contribution to the page. We found pedagogy contents (extraordinary collection of duets for saxophone and saxophone quartet ensembles) as well as great big band material.
Àlex Cassanyes, with several international awards despite his youth, includes children’s music in a magnificent work for orchestra that can be very interesting for schools. Also ensemble music, combo and big band
Pep Tarradas, for now, brings a great collection of children’s works, fun and very well built. Soon his works for instrumental ensemble and big band will arrive.
Soon more collaborators will join the EMC project. We would like to be a showcase from where to show all the talent of the home arrangers and participate in the dissemination of their works
Teachers, amateurs, students, conservatories, schools … visit the website for sure you will find the material you needed.
Alfons Carrascosa

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