7 jazz etudes/duets for Trumpet (Advanced)

21 jazz etudes/duets.

This 21 jazz etudes/duets collection, based in 7 standard jazz progressions, includes 7 solos (1rst voice) and a second voice, for each level. In this solos, with a strong pedagogical character, there is a gradual progress in jazz language, using melodic, harmonic and rhythmic material typical of the style. It consist of three volumes of 7 etudes each one in every different level: basic and intermediate with second voice included, and advanced without second voice. This second voice allows us to work in section, with parallel harmonization and counterpoint technique; also the tuning, the articulation, the phrasing……

All the etudes include audio file, with 5 listening possibilities:

– Rhythmic section only

-Rhythmic section + voice 2

-Rhythmic section + voice 1

-Rhythmic section + voice 1 and 2

– Voice 1 + voice 2 without rhythmic section

The use of the different possibilities will depend on the performer/student, following teacher´s advices.

For a deeper study of the improvisation, it would be advisable to practice only the voice 1 (which is in fact the solo), playing only with the rhythmic section. To work in section, it will be better with the two voices.

The 21 jazz etudes/duets are available for several instruments. For the time being: alt saxophone, trumpet and clarinet.

Without a doubt, the best school will be the listening of the great masters and the transcription and analysis of theirs solos. The 21 jazz etudes/duets can be useful to go in depth into the jazz language and to offer ideas, comparing the solo of the same standard in the different versions of the three levels.

7 jazz etudes/duets (advanced level)

  1. Etude/duet 1A.Based in Autumn leaves progression. ( 2,21)
  2. Etude/duet 2A.Based in All of me progression progression( 2,00)
  3. Etude/duet 3A.Based in Someday my prince will come progression( 2,27)
  4. Etude/duet 4A.Based in Green dolphin street progression( 2,06)
  5. Etude/duet 5A.Based in How high the moon progression( 2,13)
  6. Etude/duet 6A.Based in Donna lee progression( 1,53)
  7. Etude/duet 7A.Based in I mean you progression( 2,05)
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Pablo Arias: alto sax

Mathew Simon: trumpet

Xavier Figuerola: clarinet

Txema Riera: piano

Jordi Gaspar: acoustic bass and electric bass.

Ramón Angel Rey: drums.

Recording, mix and mastering: Carles Ribera 2015/2016